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Comic Viewer for android

※Please download it with the Android terminal

#Application Information
 It is an image viewer to read the cartoon.
 Supported Image type png/jpg/bmp/gif
 Supported archive type zip/rar/cbz/cbr/lzh
 Bookmark(1 bookmark / 1 archive file)
 Next screen cache
 wide page division
 Multi language(English/Japanese/Chinese)

#Update Information
 (2013/04/23)The bug which cannot display the picture of 2048 or more dots is corrected.
 (2011/01/31)Rotation operation speed-up, Slide show addition
 (2010/09/27)Chinese support and some bug fix
 (2010/08/30)Multi screens support
 (2010/08/23)Invert page sending tap option added, Rotate option changed
 (2010/07/03)some bug fix
 (2010/06/23)some bug fix
 (2010/05/29)Wheel animation added, some bug fix
 (2010/05/17)Page division bug fix
 (2010/05/03)Scroll position initialize bug fix
 (2010/04/27)Top center option added to the display standard position
 (2010/04/25)Improvement of image quality, etc.
 (2010/04/18)Rename Dialog layout adjust
 (2010/04/17)Bugfix at the time of the screen turn. The addition of the display standard position option
 (2010/04/15)Bug fix to which small image is not expanded at anti-alias invalidity
 (2010/04/13)Anti-alias option added, Orientation bug fix.
 (2010/04/11)This build without debug information.
 (2010/04/11)already read button generate exception bug fix
 (2010/04/08)rename bug fix
 (2010/04/08)Changing line operation bug fix(New folder Dialog TextEdit)
 (2010/04/08)Changing line operation bug fix(Rename Dialog TextEdit)
 (2010/04/07)Initial Setting Changed, add exception handling
 (2010/03/20)Sort function of filename in archive file
 (2010/03/17)Support archive LZH format
 (2010/03/13)Support CBR and CBZ(maybe)

#Screen shot
 title screen shot
 Select file screen shot 1
 Select file screen shot 2
 reading screen shot 1
 reading screen shot 2
 reading screen shot 3
 reading screen shot 4
 download screen shot 1(disable now)
 download screen shot 2(disable now)
 download screen shot 3(disable now)

#Download device ranking

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